• “Due to service changes I have recently been working with children and young people that have previous involvement from Gordon. I have since worked with many of the same families who have reported extremely good experiences of working with Gordon. The equipment and facilities that he recommended have stood the test of time and when agreement about provision has been difficult to achieve either with other agencies or families themselves Gordon has always remained true to his professional opinion of what is best for the child or young person.”Angie (a former colleague)
  • “you have helped us through some very difficult times. You have listened and respected our views and opinions without judgement and negativity. Your advice has been invaluable and your calm professional manner has been refreshing!”A mother of a child with Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy
  • “Living with a son with a chronic illness is emotionally and physically challenging, you need an OT who is willing to support a family 100% and that is what you did for us, Gordon”Another parent
  • “Gordon’s enthusiasm to do the right thing by family’s who need assistance is infectious. He gives every case his utmost attention!”Debbie (a former colleague)
  • COT
  • HCPC
Inclusive Solutions

Inclusive Solutions is the trading name for GRH Inclusive Solutions Ltd. Registered company no.8385276