I offer a variety of services that can be tailored to suit your needs. To identify your needs, I carry out a comprehensive assessment of your whole life; identifying your abilities and areas where assistance is required. Then, in partnership with yourself and your family, we write a Person-Centred Plan aimed at increasing your independence and whole-life well-being.

Outcomes of the assessment may include:

  • provision of equipment,
  • making adaptations to your home,
  • carrying out moving and handling risk assessments and writing a plan for this and;
  • signposting to other professionals where further assistance can be sought

I also offer an access auditing service on domestic and commercial properties

  • Disabled Bed Assessment.
  • Disabled Bath Assessment.
  • Disabled Chair Assessment.


Disabled Chairs Assessments.The person-centred plan may involve using some equipment to compensate for some inabilities. As an agent of NRS (one of the country’s leading suppliers of equipment for people with disabilities), I am privy to discounts … read more about equipment


Adaptations AssessmentI offer an adaptations service that includes drawing professional plans using Idapt. This is a programme that allows you to see that the proposed adaptations will or will not work before spending money with builders. Using Idapt, I can design your home differently on paper so you can see if it will work better for you. Designs include bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and access … read more about adaptations

Access Auditing

Disability AssessmentI offer an access auditing service on domestic and commercial properties. In a private home this may help identify barriers faced by the occupant to getting in and around. In commercial properties I can audit your premises to ensure you meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 or make recommendations how to meet … read more about access auditing

  • COT
  • HCPC
Inclusive Solutions

Inclusive Solutions is the trading name for GRH Inclusive Solutions Ltd. Registered company no.8385276