The person-centred plan may involve using some equipment to compensate for some inabilities.

I can help identify equipment that may assist to overcome any barriers faced in carrying out activities of daily living and in some cases carry out an assessment with the equipment before you buy it. And I will pass on some of the discounts to you!!!

Examples of activities of daily living that can be assisted with equipment include:

Sitting – without being able to sit in the best position you can achieve, a person is unable to interact with their environment. I offer specialist seating assessmentsDisabled Seating Assessments.

Sleeping – height-adjustable beds can assist independent transfers and/or provide a variety of safe working heights for carers to attend to someone whilst they are on their bed. I offer specialist bed assessments Disabled Bed Assessments.

Bathing – whether using a bath or a shower is important to you, there is a huge variety of equipment that can help to maximise your independence. I offer assessments to identify the right equipment for you.Disabled Bathing Assesment.

Moving and handling – if you are unable to move independently from one place to another, say from your bed to a chair or if you have to assist someone to do this, I can carry out a moving and handling risk assessment and write a plan to make this easier and safer. The hoist pictured below can fold away so it can be put in a car!Moving and Handling.

Assistive technology – There is an array of equipment available to assist with memory or to allow caring from a distance. For example, you can monitor what is going on in another room without being there. This can be the difference between a sleepless night and a restful night.Assistive technology.

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