The way your house is built may contribute to the barriers you face in being independent. Before you think about moving, you may be able to adapt your home to better meet your needs.

I offer an adaptations service that includes drawing professional plans using Idapt. This is a programme that allows you to see that the proposed adaptations will or will not work before spending money with builders. Using Idapt, I can design your home differently on paper so you can see if it will work better for you. Designs include bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and access in and around your home!

adaptation services using Idapt

I can help you through the Disabled Facilities Grant process from your district council to contribute to your adaptations. Or if you are funding the works yourself, I can source builders and arrange for quotes for you to decide who you wish to use. Please note that new build extensions may need architect’s drawings, planning permission and building control approval in addition.

If you are planning on moving to a new home, I can do a pros and cons study of potential properties before you decide which one to go with. This could help you prevent making a very expensive mistake! This will be a free service if you continue using Inclusive Solutions when you have decided what to do.

Autism spectrum Disorders

If you have a child who is on the autism spectrum, I can carry out a sensory profile checklist. This helps to identify which of your child’s senses are affected. Using this knowledge, I can make suggestions on how to modify their environment to counteract some of the over or under stimulation they receive. For example, if your child is visually hyper-sensitive you may want to change the lighting in their bedroom by putting up blackout blinds and fitting dimmer switches so the amount of light can be controlled. Before designing a room for a child with ASD, it is a really useful idea to do this so their new room can be as conducive to their needs as possible.

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